Join us each week at 54 Kalinga St, Ballina for our 10am service.

You may also watch church online here at 6pm each week.


Whether people realise it or not, what we all long for most of all is to know the love of God for ourselves. The good news is that the love of God is completely revealed and available for us in the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ, no matter where we have come from and what we have got ourselves into. The goal of life is to keep going deeper into the infinite love of God, and enjoying that love with others around us. This is where our relationship with God starts, how it goes deep, and how it changes our world for good.

Our "Big 3" Of Spiritual Growth

If you want to thrive in your relationship with God, we encourage you to invest your life in three spaces for your spiritual growth.

1. Church Service

We gather each week for a church service at 10am, to worship God corporately, to pray together, and to learn God's truth from the Bible.

2. Community Life

We frequently meet for meals together, sharing everyday life as a spiritual family on mission in our local neighbourhoods.

3. DNA Groups

We meet in groups of 3-4 each week for discipleship, nurture, and authenticity as we learn from one another, pray together and read the Bible.

What To Expect In Our Church Service

Join with us each Sunday at 10am where we learn from God words in the Bible, and are inspired to pursue God's calling for us each week. Each week, we have a time of singing, sharing in communion and prayer, and we have a talk explaining a part of the Bible.

We want to do our best to make everyone feel very welcome, no matter how many times you have been to church before.You may wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

Kids are welcome! We have a kids program which you may wish to sign your kids up for during part of the service.

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Our Vision And Identity: What Kind Of Church Is Ballina Westside Community Church?

Discovering God answers 20 of the most common questions people have when they are exploring Christianity. Questions include: How do I know God exists?, Why does God allow suffering?, What about all the other religions?.

Our Vision And Identity explains the details of our church vision, and also our distinct perspectives in our values, practices and convictions.

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